Yourstory: Pioneering UX for a Pioneering company

Yourstory: Pioneering UX for a Pioneering company

User Experience Design, Strategic UX

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YourStory Team brings news and stories of entrepreneurs and changemakers, funding analyses, resource pieces and the first glimpse of emerging trends from India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as profiles of great businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the world. YourStory is by far the most popular platform for entrepreneurs in India. Yourstory has presence throughout India through its correspondents in English and 12 Indian languages and has recently forayed into International arena, through its launch in Germany.

Insight and Strategy workshop

On a mission to transform and create pioneering UX for yourstory, Think Design + Yourstory team embarked on a Insight and Strategy workshop spread over several hours. While on workshop, we discussed several key concerns such as: User segments, journeys, key differentiators, brand ethos, product vision, technology architecture among others.

Re-imagining publishing

One of the core features of Yourstory is its ability to offer publishing to its users. Redesigned publishing (create your story) made it much easier and contextual to write articles. As a portal that thrives on the volume of content, this was not only necessary but also critical to success.

Visualising elements

News snippets were of prime importance. How these snippets could be visualised and what would make them compelling was an important part of UX overhaul. We wanted to achieve a fine balance of vibrance, readability and interaction thereby making user journey delightful.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture needed its due and went through an overhaul. While “write your story” needed utmost importance, search functionality also required focus. Key modules (her story, social story, startups) also required their due attention. Information Architecture thus handled the important, seemingly contradictory and wide array of requirements well.


Visual Branding

Getting the color to the core, we also wanted the brand ethos to the forefront. Being the go-to portal for startup news, the site needed its share of “cool” factor. While the color palette was guided by brand identity, menu elements were guided by behavioural characters. Using hashtags to represent modules was a decision taken to this effect.

UX Strategy: Story page

In news publications, story page is one of the most important elements and attracts much of the traffic. Still, the lifetime value of story page is much lower compare to home page. This conundrum is interesting and a good problem to solve. Our approach to story page was to enhance readability, create focus while on the page at the same time ensure recirculation by suggesting articles towards the end. We achieved recirculation by maintaining importance of story page by consciously avoiding too many visual elements under “read more” heading. Related topics were shown in the form of stylised tags. Clicking this leads to articles relevant to those tags. Thus, on one hand user focus is maintained while on the other, recirculation is suggested.

UX Strategy: Home page

Monetisation is very important but yet, pesky ads are annoying. How do you solve this puzzle? We took the approach of in-line ads that flow along with news cards. By doing this, we also avoid blind spots that are common across news portals, yet giving advertisers their due. Further, feature introductions were important as this was one of a kind news portal. Feature introductions also provided welcome break from otherwise monotonous news snippets. Hence, areas were identified that compel users to write their story and compel advertisers to reach out. Most importantly, the home page was created to increase user interest and engagement.

Current status

Your story’s transformed site was launched in July 2017. This was done during the company’s foray into international market, starting with Germany.