Nexgtv: Designing for 10 million users

Nexgtv: Designing for 10 million users

User Experience Design, Strategic UX

Android, iOS, Windows

When the competition among OTT content providers was hotting up, Think Design was roped in by one of the leaders in the space, NexGTv, to significantly improve its User Experience. With a user base of 10Million + users across Android and iOS, it is not easy to agree upon what's right and what's not. Coming from Indian sub-continent, where users are spread across various demographics and usage patterns, it becomes all the more complex create a common understanding… and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Insight & Strategy workshop

We advocate involvement of cross-functional teams in the initial workshops. Spread over three days, workshop walked Designers and Stakeholders through: Articulating Vision for User Experience, Customer Segmentation, Journey maps, Task Models, Technology stack, Information and UI Architecture, Design Language, Alignment on way forward.

Customer Segmentation

In a product of this scale, it is prudent to inquire into Customer Segmentation than Persona. Using UCD methodologies, we segmented customers based on qualitative criteria, thus incorporating certain flavours of Persona in Customer Segmentation. Using Customer Segmentation in a way that addresses issues at hand proved to be very useful, with immediately actionable insights.

Defining KPIs

At Think Design, defining KPIs is one of the key activities in Insight and Strategy workshop, leading to alignment. What is expected from UX Designers is usually vague and we try to quantify expectations. One of the examples is "Discoverability" of content. This single aspect could influence the way information is architected, structured and presented. We had together worked in a laundry list of 20+ KPIs that gave takeaways to Design, Business and Tech teams.


One of the core concepts of UX is contextualisation: How the product/ service responds to user expectation and behaviour in his/ her context. Through our 3-day Insights and Strategy workshop, we could understand many such user-sensitive contexts; and define user relevant features around them.


User relevant features

Delving into customer journeys resulted in a few very user-relevant features for the segments we were talking about: Quicky allows users to filter content based on the amount the user has, at hand. This is very useful when a user has limited time to consume content in its entirety (say, time until my destination while in a subway). 7 Days schedule allows users to follow and set reminders for their favourite television show.

Coming up with features is one thing; buying stakeholders in and gaining adoption from cross-functional teams is completely another. It takes a lot of maturity, communication and consultative abilities to work these things out. Features like 7-day schedule and Quicky needs support from Technology and Marketing teams to deliver them and stand by and bet on them respectively. With a totally dedicated and energetic team at NexGTv, they became possible!

Work activities:

Insight and Strategy workshop, UX Strategy and Design, Visual Branding, in-app communication design, hand-holding.

Current Status

Revamped apps were launched in June, 2016 on Play store and App stores. As one of the user put it, "The new look and feel is amazing and is one of the best apps in the category".

The apps feature host of other cool, interesting and sticky features than showcased here; in addition to easy-to-use navigation and information design.