Finodex: Smart tools for the smart user

Finodex: Smart tools for the smart user

Strategic UX, UX Design

Web application: Tablet responsive

Finodex invents, builds and sells smart investment tools and apps for investors in the capital and options markets. The tools are backed by analysis that helps you strategize and invest in the stock market. The application provides an easy way to access and use these investment tools. A responsive web application with smart investment tools for stock market investments.


The requirement for this application was tablet first. Keeping this in mind, the design process began with initial brainstorming sessions and continued with ideation, conceptualization and navigation explorations. The wireframes were created from low-fidelity prototypes with various options to choose from.

Visual Design

As an investment application, Infographics enable the user in visualizing all the products and provides an overview of the financial trends. Achieving consistency in visual language was an important part of the design process.