Extramarks: Digital transformation

Extramarks: Digital transformation

User Experience Design, Digital Transformation

Android, iOS, Windows and Responsive Web

Extramarks is leading the Education Technology sector in India by providing full circle education support to learners through new age digital education solutions. These solutions are used by schools in class room teaching to make the teaching-learning process easy and effective. More than 8000 schools use digital learning solutions of Extramarks across India, Singapore, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar and South Africa. Think Design was roped in for transforming Extramarks’ presence across products, platforms and apps.

The beginnings

Think Design + Extramarks journey started with Insight & Strategy workshop, that helped in charting first steps. Thereafter, series of workshops at planned intervals helped in progressively transforming User Experience across apps and platforms, one after the other (Extramarks is present on Web (browser based), iOS, Android and Windows platforms).

Insight & Strategy workshops

Initial Insight & Strategy workshop focused on Defining and detailing user segments, creating journey maps and envisioning future state, understanding domain specific challenges and workflows, mapping entity relationships among others.

Spanning four days, Insight & Strategy workshop help lay the right foundations.

CTP (Classroom Tablet Program)

Classroom Tablet Program primarily connected Students with Teachers through tablet and whiteboard interfaces. Being a 100% digitial solution, inherent complexities existed in sorting out mental models of users. Modules such as Attendance, Assignments, Study groups etc., needed additional focus in order to make them inuitable and delightful

CTP: Features and Functionality

In addition to classroom interactions, CTP had relevance at students’ home as well, since this was the single mode of communication used by School administration, to communicate with the parents. In addition to Calendar, Bulletin and Parent communication, Projects and Homework were critical to User Experience.

With a host of features and functions, the applications clearly required simplification through design.

Embedded Application (Smart Study Tab)

Embedded application allows its users to access library content of Extramarks, in addition to notes, reports and scheduling features.

Maintaining a consistent theme by way of Unified Design, CTP & Embedded application now function as a family. Look and Feel, UI Elements, Interactions, Layout and Core functional elements are all bound by a consistent language and behaviour.

Web portal and web application

With its transformed products and apps being widely used, Extramarks required redefined presence by way of its web portal. In tune with its expansion plans to Middle East and Africa, the web portal now features modern Design language, Responsive layout and an interface, that is compatible with multiple languages.

The web portal’s Interface is now unified with Extramarks’ redefined design language.

Smart study app

Extramarks Smart study app puts the power self motivated study in the hands of its users, by way of an Android application. The app is free to use initially and has subscription tiers mapped to educational content. The app allows students and parents to buy packages, enroll and facilitate tutor, track progress and more.

Work activities

Digital Transformation involving UX Strategy and Design for web, mobile and embedded apps, Visual Branding, Front end development, Project coordination and support.

Current Status

A concerted effort from Stakeholders, Designers and Developers, spanning 10 months resulted in a transformed Extramarks eco-system.

Extramarks in its refreshed form is significantly more usable, unified, coherent and exciting; the digital footprint also significantly increased. With adoption across 8000+ schools across more than 7 countries and impacting a user base of millions of students, parents, teachers and academecians, Extramarks is a leader in its space.