Design thinking workshop for 99acre & shiksha

Design Thinking & Innovation programs

With a vision to inculcate Design Thinking and familiarize 99Acre and shiksha teams to UX Design methodologies and processes, Think Design and Infoedge set out to deliver one of a kind workshop at their campus. The team comprised of healthy mix of Designers, Design leaders, Product Managers and Product Heads all who are responsible for success of their respective products. The two day workshop focused on imparting Think Design’s way of doing things through “Learning by Doing” practice. Sessions were pre planned with an idea to orchestrate deep dive into several elements that constitute and contribute to successful design practice.

Introduction to design thinking and methods

Introductory session familiarized participants with what constitutes Design Thinking and why and how they are being applied at organizations. We also discussed what constitutes a Method, how it is different from process and how various organizations are evolving their unique methods for problem solving as well as customer relevance.

Participant groups from here on practice various aspects of UX Design and application of Design Thinking for the same.

User empathy

Topics/ Problem areas are chosen by exercising various techniques of empathy. Participants practice “Story telling” method where they roleplay and visualize user stories and scenarions. Opportunities thus identified, come from empathy rather than gut feel.

Divergent thinking

By visualizing several scenarios, participants immerse themselves in the life of their users and thus are equipped to identify several opportunities. Participants thus practice divergent thinking.


Convergent Thinking

By rigorously evaluating opportunities and impression of solutions through “User, Business, Technology” framework, participants get to converge ideas into few specific action items.


Several alternatives are worked around possible solutions, each of them with clear premise on Business and Technology. Various guided sessions on technology help participants understand implication of each function and feature envisioned.


Participants make several presentations to entire group and other members and thought leaders within the community. By exercising best practices in decision making, participants get a rational and open minded perspective to evaluate concepts and Design.


Projects finally culminate in prototypes. In the process, participants are exposed to various prototyping methods and their practical relevance.

Best Practices

The workshop was also aimed at touching upon certain specific concerns that are unique to the context of 99Acre and Shiksha teams. Best Practices session provided a welcome break from the intensity of workshop and introduced certain aspects of design for Mobile Experience. Session covered basics of Mobile First vs. Mobile only approaches, Responsive vs. Adaptive vs. Fluid Design approaches, Change management, Transformation management and other concerns that are a reality in large organizations with legacy products.


“Two successive days of 8 hour intense sessions were indeed exhilarating”. As successful organizations grow with top notch leaders and talent, it becomes a challenge to manage and drive transformation. It takes continuous effort to align existing leaders while creating new.

It is at this juncture that workshops as a methodology help in creating a common language and chart a journey forward!