Cadie: productivity, with a twist of context

Cadie: productivity, with a twist of context

Productisation, UX Design

Hybrid mobile app

Cadie is a personal productivity application that connects user to the context... thus offers host of functions and features that are bundled like never before! The application includes features of taking notes, scheduler, reminder, to-do list, clues, context, tags, file attachment including images, video and audio, dropbox sync, context based recommendations, location services and export file formats. With this complexity, we set out our journey of creation.

UX Visioning Workshop

Project started with stakeholder workshop leading to UX Vision. Key activities during workshop included mapping the context through Personas and Scenarios, Creating a road map, Understanding product proposition and key differentiators and setting UX goals.

Simplifying Complexity

One of the key tasks was to simplify the complexity around the plethora of things a user could do on this app. This was primarily addressed through ideating and creating navigational flows that were intuitable.

Multi Device Multi Platform

Envisioned application was proposed to be deployed across Andriod and IOS; and on handhelds and tablets. This brought in further challenges that were addressed by liquifying layouts and UI elements.

Focus Areas

Since the proposition was unique (and complex), it was important to lay primary focus on navigation while addressing controls and affordances. It was also implicit throught our Design journey to optimize components and thus help through start-up realities. Certain components were created from scratch to add that layer of “stickiness” in the app usage.

Visual Language

The visual language followed cues based on the application’s target usage and user group: Personal productivity, while at home and on the go. The language is tad informal with hints of playfulness accentuated by a bit of personalization. The language is unified across devices and platforms… till the extent the product portrayal in its marketing platforms.

The Impact

The app received rave reviews for its design and functionality; evident from play store user rating of 4.9/ 5. Currently available in Play store, it will be made available in app store in the near future. With a holistic approach towards User Experience Design and a team that was aligned through the exercise, it was not that difficult to reach there.