Bajaj Oneapp: better ux through integration

Bajaj Oneapp: better ux through integration

Digital Transformation, UX Design

Hybrid mobile app

Bajaj Finserv is the most diversified non-bank in India, financing & supporting anything one can think of. BFS One App is developed exclusively for its employees, as a single window to help employees fulfill both personal & professional tasks at hand.The idea of OneApp was to house an ocean of features to meet the needs of its employees. Think Design helped BFS envisage the idea through constant iteration, consolidation and bucketing several features. One App resulted into a solution that delivered a delightful experience to the end user, without overwhelming him.

Stakeholder workshop Leading to vision

Workshop was kicked off with initial understanding of existing products and ecosystem; through subsquent brainstorming, probing & provoking, OneApp got uncovered. This led to UX Vision and Strategy that addressed where we wanted to be and how to get there.

Meta Approch

For a product that will be ever evolving and growing in features and sub-features, major challenge was to choose meta approach over a simple problem solving approach. This meant that the concept addressed scalability and change management early on… our engagement provided solution and guideline at the same time!

Framework and Navigation

Being an enterprise application, there was a natural inclination to choose Hybrid approach to the solution. Resulting framework and navigation design was seamless across devices; and compatible across IOS and Android platforms.

Better UX Through Integration

As the name suggests, One App is an integration of several otherwise disjointed apps into a single one… for example, EMI calculator, Colleague finder, Dossier, Products like Loans, Deposits, Alerts, Trends etc., were all bundled into one. This called for a Design approach that treated the app as a window rather than a tool.

Visual Language

Visual Design was an important part of the exercise, since this initiative needed high levels of acceptance among users… breaking the perception that IT was being forced upon them and making real sence of IT. While Visual Interface was being designed at screen and object level, Think Design’s team simultaneously addressed Visual branding and guidelines … that could be taken forward to scale the app and manage change seamlessly.

The Impact

OneApp went on to be widely accepted among its users; and it solved real problems that existed for some time… it witnessed a clear change among Bajaj Finserv’s employees: from acquiescence to acceptance! The app received play store rating of 4.6/5 and received several user accolades.