Analyttica TreasureHunt: An Intelligence Marketplace

Analyttica TreasureHunt: An Intelligence Marketplace

User Experience, Productisation

Responsive Web

Analyttica TreasureHunt is a U.S Patented (Patent number: 9886867) experiential learning system for learning data analytics by solving real life problems. It is a pioneering product in its space; and something to this effect was being attempted for the very first time ever! Conceptualized as a platform that is a marketplace for learners consuming content from content providers, the initiative would be among the very first such manifestations in an increasingly growing industry.

UX Consulting

Great ideas need great thinking to execute. At Think Design, we always take pleasure in working on such innovative missions that would be game changers in years to come. Our leadership rose to the occasion from the word go and took stakeholders and cross-functional teams on our User Centred Design journey. Initial days were spent in defining user personas, user journeys and along the journeys, identify areas of opportunity that would culminate into usable features.

Design & Navigation

Learning data analytics online could be complex; and for users who come here to learn, it could be overwhelming to see too much information at the very first time. We made progressive revelation thereby making the experience easy on users’ minds.

At every point in user’s journey, the user would feel informed, aware of his/ her status and position in the system thereby being completely aware of the next steps.

Admin dashboard

Since the product was being sold to enterprises, it was important to provide admin privileges to certain users and give them visibility of their batch, access to progress and of course, dashboards.

Key metrics were captured through brainstorming sessions and by interviewing admin user representations; those metrics were then prototyped and tested with the same representative users for validation.


Being the very first product in its category, the feature list needed careful thought. Post brainstorming during consulting sessions, we went forward with the features that added best value to the users’ journeys. Thus, a range of unique features were identified and designed for:

  • Collaboration: Helps users across the world work on a challenge together and solve.
  • Real-life challenges: Most of the courses and problems are designed around what data analysts face in real-life... making it the only platform where you could solve real life challenges and get rewarded for it.
  • For Enterprises: Organizations can now enroll batches of students on this platform; the administrator will be able to track their batch's progress through real-time dashboard interface.
  • Certification: Learning is more complete when there's a reward. TreasureHunt provides certification post module/ course completion. In case of enterprises, the certificate is co-branded as well.
  • Timeline: Timeline view gives its users, a control on their progress. Users can also rollback and learn concepts all over again, if they think they may have missed something.
  • Gamification: Users are also rewarded in the form of badges, making their baby steps seem worthwhile.

Visual system

Visual branding was developed ground up. As a part of the initiative, we first developed a comprehensive visual system that comprised of UI elements, graphical elements, badges, diagrams, interaction patterns and CTAs each of which formed a part of coherent identity and behaviour of the product-brand in the making.

Current status

Analyttica TreasureHunt went live into the market in December 2017. Within a few weeks of launch and with no marketing spend, the platform received thousands of user signups. This itself is a manifestation of the success of good design.

The product recently received U.S Patent (Patent number: 9886867)

Due to its increasing user base, there are more courses being created and uploaded as we speak.


Good Design Award 2018