It’s not just a product. It’s your reputation on the line.

You are a technology empowered company and you want to productise that disruptive idea of yours. As Designers, we have access to the tools and techniques that can make your idea happen. We become unstoppable when we work together.

Conceptualizing and creating a product is a different ballgame altogether. You need to have a vision, you need to know your competition, you need a great design from the word go... and you need all this in the context of your strategic positioning.

At Think Design, we have inherent capabilities to think product, design it for acceptance and along the way address: Product strategy, Positioning, Branding, Communication and other needs that tag along. Looking at these needs, we developed a way of working that helps you in your product creation journey... we shift from macro to micro and back, to create products that win customers!

We have put together our multi disciplinary capabilities to use... because, we understand that you don’t care about the disciplines as much as you do, about your needs.


Multi disciplinary approach

We won customers and awards alike


We are committed to get you there

There are people who box themselves in disciplines and then there is us, who think broad and act deep. The difference is, you can’t afford the former. It is time you reached out to your users, as prepared as you wished.