KPI Led Design

While most of the world hasn’t yet figured how to measure design outcome, we took a step back and asked ourselves, what are those indicators that tell us we are getting our design right? We have developed twenty such indicators that work in various contexts.


KPI led design is the big deal... because, the outcome of design could be highly strategic or barely tactical or anything in between: it’s upon us to choose how we want to do it!

Choosing the right indicators is the starting point. Tracking and measuring those indicators is a continuous activity... if we don’t choose indicators well, we could be spending time until eternity, chasing something trivial.

KPI led design is designed around your leadership’s challenges. Through several years of UX Practice, we developed about 20 indicators that address your top level concerns.

As its name suggests, KPI led design is meant to deliver measurable business results, leading to better ROI justification.

The way we do

A few of our indicators


We want you to win. All it, takes, is us.

One of your biggest challenges is validation of design. One of our biggest strengths is, we know what matters and what doesn’t. We choose our indicators, strategy and design. We leave the verdict to our users.