User Experience, the Think Design way

Our UX practice has come of age. With experience spanning over 12 years and design interventions addressing key challenges of our clients, we have developed a way of working that is strategic, creative and technical at the same time. We think broad and act deep; and we manage inter-relationships among User, Business and Technology. We strategize the Users’ experience and along our way, we deal with many complex issues that need to be addressed… we create interfaces and interactions that manifest all of this.


  • Persona
  • Journey map
  • Mental model
  • A day in the life
  • Scenario story


  • Vision & Mission
  • Segmentation
  • Proposition
  • Positioning
  • KPIs


  • Tech stack
  • Architecture
  • Frameworks
  • Workflow
  • Limitations

Big picture

  • SWOT
  • Entity map
  • Ecosystem
  • Dependency
  • Trends

Workshops align us to the mission

Creativity is pervasive

Creativity pervades several concerns… and doesn’t just reside in those artefacts and interactions. Creativity is about finding different ways of reaching a destination; and it applies to strategic and technical challenges as well. We exercise creativity through Alternatives and Iterations: while Alternatives are about the breadth, Iterations are about the depth. We thus, think broad and act deep.

Technology is empowering

We believe in addressing the important things early on, to avoid chaotic change management at a later time. If technology is addressed and included in the beginning, it could be empowering... we align to technology and we find creative ways of working with limitations. We work collaboratively with your tech teams and we advocate the cause of your business teams. We comprehend and manage these inter-relationships that are critical to your success.

In details lies the devil

We advocate the concept of breakdown and conquer. We embark on several baby steps, each with a goal of its own; and at the end, we would have reached where we envisioned.

We appreciate the big picture

We comprehend the linkages and we appreciate the big picture emerging out of it. We tangibilize this big picture and delve deeper, as we break down and go after the parts. Our practice thus entails competencies of strategic, creative and technical delegation… as designers, we act upon what we envision out of this.

For digital, non-digital, start-ups or fortune companies


We work for design that works for you

Design cannot be done in isolation... it needs to address your strategic, creative and technical concerns; all at the same time. We understand the linkages and we make it work that way!