Bridging the gap, through design thinking

As humans are being replaced by technology, service touchpoints are fast becoming inhumane. A user’s perception of service is now at the cross-roads of automation and emotion; leaving a huge gap between what is expected and what is actually felt.

Departments with varied perspectives and goals create gaps in service delivery. With no single stakeholder to drive service design initiatives, we end up not doing enough.

Plenty of innovative and strategic initiatives, but all sitting in respective silos. Key people in the company are unclear where to start and how to manage linkages.

Users’ experience is about the whole, not its parts. We are inclined to go after the parts, not the whole. As a result, there is inherent lacuna that competition starts to fill.

Service design should have been your starting point. If you haven’t started with it, it is time to do it now.

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How do we do it?

Service by its very nature, is intangible. It takes a deeper understanding to uncover experience opportunities and tangibilize them. 

We are in it together


Designers can create better services

We have the inherent competence to see things as a whole. We empathize and link strategy to it… and we can understand stated and unstated insights emerging out of service orchestration.