In the press

UI Design and How to use it to tap the Indian market?

My personal experience has taught me that there is an abundance of skills in India; We have R&D centres here which are world renowned. However, I feel that what we lack is a Unified Global Vision… HariNallan speaks to AshwinGopinath of EFY about the latest in the field of design houses)

Traditional treat

When in India celebrate like the Indians do; Coca-cola has just followed suit. While we light crackers, Coca-Cola lit a new idea to communicate this Diwali and Warli art a 400 year old art of India and encouraged people to ‘Open Happiness’… Think Design’s path breaking work in this space was featured in POP Magazine

Setting retail on fire

Coca-Cola burn entered the growing energy drink market with its new drink Burn. The chic and young personality of the product was reflected in the state-of-art POP displays at retail… Think Design’s work on this was mentioned and appreciated by the press and users alike.

Willingness to change is the driving catalyst for Design development

As HariNallan speaks to KTP RadhikaJinoy of Search magazine on the topic of “Evolution of Industrial design in India”, he says: The design philosophy followed at Think Design is ‘Know your user, Build upon your strengths, Collaborate to fill the gaps, Drive your people and Believe in your vision’

Design preferences of Indian consumers

HariNallan of Think Design was interviewed on the topic of Design preferences of Indian consumers, the same was published in Nikkei Design magazine. On a seminar trip to Tokyo, Hari spoke about the appliance design category and preferences of Indian consumers concerning the geometry, color and feature preferences

Designs of the times

Mahesh of Think Design was mentioned in Hindustan Times for his award winning speakers for Altec Lansing. The design, inspired by spaceship designs. Mahesh visualised a future state where features could be connected wirelessly to a hub and any number of speakers could be paired to one hub