An organization where innovation happens

Our work domain is about knowing people. We’ve got an abundance of knowledge in this world, but we are seeking ways of using it, and we need exemplary will to practice what we do. By possessing the three, we can do amazing stuff together.

Culture@Think Design

As a company founded by designers, we are inherently driven by design and are passionate about what we do. We have an understanding of designers’ way of seeing things and reacting to them; and we think that it is important to preserve it. We work hard, our profession requires us to. We have fun, our lives needs us to. Work and life are not isolated from each other… and they happen simultaneously at our studios.

delhi studio

Diwali celebrations at New Delhi studio


Onam celebrations at Bengaluru studio


Prototyping techniques workshop


Team huddle at Mumbai studio


Team Hyderabad in our merchandise


Service design workshop by Hari Nallan


Leadership development offsite

Working together is rewarding


    We maintain an open culture because we work in teams. We love the diversity we have in our teams and encourage people to challenge each other. Design is not a rule-based activity and hence, we like to see and hear diverse perspectives. We are united by our vision.


    Knowledge is the basis of our excellence; we organize and participate in regular huddles among team members to learn from each other. We conduct quarterly appraisals to track and help Designers grow.


    We work in organic team structure. Team is a primary unit of our delivery; we make and dismantle teams based on projects. This means we are non-hierarchical and every member has equal opportunity. We are structured as individuals leading to teams leading to groups (leading to organization). And we have our fair bit of fun when we need those much awaited breaks from work.